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Qualifications needed to receive a dress:

  • Students must obtain an appointment.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in high school and must be present atthe boutique.
  • Each student must present a valid school ID card or other proof of current enrollment and provide her name and contact information.
  • Students will be allowed to receive one dress, plus one accessory, if available. Students may only obtain one dress from one boutique (no exchanges).
  • Each student will be permitted to bring one person (e.g. a parent, aunt, etc.) with them into the boutique to help them shop with the volunteer.
  • Adults will not be allowed to shop unless the student for whom they are shopping is physically present with them at the boutique.
  • Volunteers will serve as personal shoppers for the students attending the boutiques. Each student will be asked to wait until a volunteer personal shopper becomes available before she can begin shopping. Please plan accordingly (i.e. bring something to read, don't make other appointments adjacent to this one).

*Hope Closet does not guarantee that everyone will receive a dress.