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Fun Hope Closet Facts

  • Hope Closet held its first boutique in 2003 and has hosted a prom boutique every year since. (Dress for a Dream held a boutique in 2002 and we assumed them in 2003)
  • Hope Closet is staffed and funded entirely by volunteers.
  • The week of the Hope Closet dress boutique Hope Closet staffs over 250 volunteers into approximately 12,000 volunteer hours.
  • The Hope Closet dress boutique is open for one week a year only. In one week we have over 700 appointments available with an additional 100-300 dresses delivered to local alternative schools, shelters and youth services. Hope Closet also supplies the formal wear for the Cass Social Services Miss Cass pageant.
  • Hope Closet has 3,000-5,000 dresses in storage at any given time. (PLUS shoes, jewelry, wraps, and floor racking!)
  • Hope Closet receives and average of 300 packages of donations per year to our PO Box. We have ONE volunteer who empties the PO Box every two weeks all year long - talk about dedication! Hope Closet receives 500-1,000 new donations every year to keep their inventory in high fashion.
  • Hope Closet averages 90% REPEAT volunteers. Most of our volunteers have been with us for more than four years!
  • From 2003 - 2010 Hope Closet has sent over 4,000 young women from the greater Detroit area to prom.
  • Hope Closet uses 1,500 long length dry cleaner bags per year to send each young lady away with a wrapped gown and to store our remaining gowns year to year.
  • Hope Closet provided the mid-Michigan prom dress charity Share the Memories with more than 300 dresses in 2008 to open their first boutique in 2009. http://www.sharethememoriesmi.org/ And assisted the launch of a new program in Flint in 2010 and 2011! http://mydreamsdocometrue.ning.com
  • Hope Closet requires a full semi to deliver all of the dresses to our prom boutique.
  • Since 2003 we have quadrupled the square footage of our annual boutique.
  • Over the last eight years, Hope Closet(or maybe just one of our dresses) has 'gone to the prom' at every school district within 50 miles of Detroit!
  • Hope Closet is part of a national organization called Donate My Dress, http://www.donatemydress.org/
  • Hope Closet has over 1,000 Facebook fans!
  • Hope Closet has received donations from all over Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, Florida and even Hawaii from donors with Detroit ties.