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Q. What is Hope Closet?
A. Hope Closet is a non-profit organization working to provide young women the opportunity to attend special High School events with a dress of their choice regardless of financial constraints or limitations.

Hope Closet relies on businesses and the local community to provide apparel, financial donations and volunteer support to assist young women in building self-esteem.

Q. What donations does Hope Closet accept?
A. Hope Closet accepts formal dresses and accessories. We are also in need of other donated items, please see our donate page. The need for plus sized dresses (14W and larger) is especially dire.

Q. How do I get a dress?
A. You must be a high school student with a valid ID, for more details please see click here.

Q. How can I volunteer?
A. We are in need of volunteers! For a list of opportunities, please click here. You can also send your email address to info@hopecloset.org and request to be added to our volunteer email mailing list to be contacted before our next boutique.

Q. Can I get a receipt for my donation? Is it tax deductible?
A. Yes. Hope Closet has obtained 503c status from the IRS. If you would like a receipt please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your donation.

Q. Is there an organization in my state?
A. We have a list of organizations that we are aware of, please click here. If your city's organization is not listed, please send an email to info@hopecloset.org

Q. How do I contact you?
A. Hope Closet is run by volunteers. There is no paid staff. The only way to contact us is to send an email to info@hopecloset.org.

Q. Where are you located?
A. Hope Closet does not have a physical location. We have a P.O. Box and storage facility in Livonia and rent space to hold our boutique once a year in the spring. We don't maintain a physical location in order to keep our costs down to continue to provide services to Metro Detroit.

Q. What is your phone number?
A. Hope Closet does not have a phone number. This again is an expense we avoid to keep our budget low. We open an answering service line once a year for boutique appointments only. Please contact us via email at info@hopecloset.org. Please do not contact the location as we hope to be invited back as good guests.

Q. Why can't I just call the location of your boutique?
A. The location of Hope Closet?s boutiques is space donated to Hope Closet as a generous community gift. The location cannot make dress appointments nor do they have the staff to answer questions. Questions should be directed to info@hopecloset.org.

Q. My company would love to help. Do you have office fundraising ideas?
A. In the past companies have hosted a pay-for-jeans day or wine tasting to raise funds for Hope Closet. If you have a new or fun idea, please share it with us via email! Suggestions should be directed to info@hopecloset.org.

Q. Why do we have to mail our donations?
A. Hope Closet is run entirely by volunteers. There is no paid staff. We use the PO Box to contain donations and limit the burdens placed on our volunteers. Hope Closet staffs over 250 volunteers into 1200 hours in ONE BOUTIQUE WEEK. We need to keep them excited to participate every year!